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East Fremantle DFDC


To provide a positive experience unmatched by any other sport, that generates significant community benefits.



Respect: We respect people by recognising and accepting their input; honest communication; achievements; efforts and contributions aimed at delivering the most positive constructive outcomes for football.

Passion: We are proud to work and volunteer in the football industry; passionately believe it contributes to the community.

Professionalism: We value hard work and innovative thinking aimed at achieving quality outcomes for the game, members and for the public.

Team: We value working together as a cohesive, inclusive team that supports each other in accomplishing our goals.



The Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016 sets a clear direction for the SFDFDC over the period. That direction is expressed in our five strategic goals. We will measure ourselves on:

  • Deliver positive experiences
  • Provide community benefit by building strong, cohesive and active communities
  • Secure the resources and capabilities required to continually improve our delivery of services to the community
  • Enhance our reputation as a leading service sports provider and work with the WAFC and enhance the reputation of football as the leading sporting body in delivering positive experiences and significant community benefits.
  • Achieve significant growth in participation, volunteer and fan involvement.







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