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Year 8/9 Eagles Division Schoolboys Cup

Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 1:40 PM

It was the morning of Wednesday the 18th of July, the boys from Corpus Christi College and Willetton HS wake up and begin their normal morning routine for a not so normal day at school. They packed their school bag with their laptop, books, lunch and football boots because today was the day of the Year 8/9 Schoolboys Eagles Division East Fremantle District Final. It was a big day for all the boys involves with the winner going on to verse the winner of CBC Fremantle vs Ellenbrook HS in the Eagles Division Quarter Finals on Monday the 30th of July.  The day was moving along steadily for the boys, getting more and more excited as the day goes on. Every class throughout the day their butterflies get worse and worse. 

Finally the school day has ended, and the teams were preparing for the big game. The umpires have arrived, the shield has arrived, parents are arriving, its shaping out to be an exciting contest for all. Mitch Harvey the East Fremantle Development Officer brings the two teams together to address them on the days proceedings and to congratulate them on getting to this stage. Willetton HS won the toss and chose to kick to the South Street end. The coaches pulled in their players to give them a final address before the starting siren. The boys jog out into positions, shake hands with their opponents and wait for the ball to be tossed up into the air. 

The siren goes to begin the game, Willetton kicks the first goal of the game before a fightback from Corpus Christi to finish the first half on close terms, it is looking to be an interesting last half. The umpires walk back out onto the ground with the players not far behind, every is set for the final quarter. It was a dominating display by Corpus Christi in the last half controlling the tempo of the game for the majority of the half.
It was a great display of football with lots of ooo's and ahhh's throughout the game. The final result was Corpus Christi running out convincing winners against Willetton where the scoreboard didn't reflect the contest of the game. Well done to both teams on a great game, and great sportsmanship.