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Cockburn 2018 Winter AFL 9's Season

Friday, September 21, 2018 - 11:00 AM

The AFL 9's Winter Cockburn season has officially come to an end with 6 teams competing throughout the season. A big thank you to the AFL 9's teams; The Hotdogs, South Metro Stallions, Slippery Gypsies, EFF All's, I Dream of Heeney and Goodfooty Energies for their inventive team names and fantastic camaraderie throughout the competition. 
The Grand Final was played between the Hotdogs and South Metro Stallions. The Hotdogs flew out of the gates at 100kms an hour kicking 8 goals to 2 in the first half. The South Metro Stallions put up a valiant effort in the second half but the 8 goal first half was too much to come back from; with the Hotdogs running out 90 to 47 winners over the South Metro Stallions. 
A considerable mention goes out to the South Metro Stallions who have been in 4 consecutive grand finals (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).